Mental Health

How To Attain Efficient Brain Power

The brain is known as the supercomputer with infinite possibilities. Your brain keeps on enhancing or declining, revising or remodeling, depending on how you are using it. However, you need to have a targeted approach to pump up your mental muscles. To boost brain power and efficiency, you must feed it properly and give it the right fuel. Here are some of the best tips on how to attain efficient brain power.

1. Exercises

if98hgervgegrgeJust as your body, your brain also needs regular exercise to stay efficient and fit. If you let your brain remain idle, it will loose its power and sharpness. Brain or mind improvement exercises help to rejuvenate your brain and nervous system and delay the effects of aging. These exercises challenge your brain to go beyond its comfort zone and maximize its potential. These targeted exercises stimulate nerve function and strengthen the functions of the brain by re-energising and reconnecting the neural paths. Some of the commonly used exercises to improve the efficiency of your mind include sudoku, puzzles, etc.

2. Food

Well, food plays a vital role in improving health and efficiency of your entire nervous system. What we eat has a great impact on the cognitive abilities. Some foods contain nutrients that improve the functioning of nervous system and enhance mental power. For example, fish and seafood are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids- nutrients that are linked to cognitive abilities. Other foods that improve gray matter health include nuts and seeds, turmeric, coffee and fermented foods.

3. Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in development and growth of the brain. Sleep promotes repair of nerve cells, consolidates memory and learning and boosts overall brain health.

4. Meditation and mind relaxing activities

4e8f94hehih54rtMeditation and other mind relaxing activities improve the efficiency and health of your brain. They help you de-stress, boost your memory and enhance your concentration and focus. Stress can increase cortisol levels, which can be detrimental to brain cells. Mind relaxing or de-stressing activities lower these cortisol levels and prevent the damage to gray matter.

5. New hobbies or activities

As mentioned earlier, your brain is a constantly evolving structure. If you learn something new, you are expanding your brain. Studies have shown that learning over time stimulates new brain cells and enhances memory. Therefore, to keep yourself mentally active, indulge in any new activity, such as learning a new instrument, taking up new hobby, cooking a new dish etc.